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Chiuro Dairy milk is natural and healthy and is sourced only from farms in Valtellina. Its wholesome goodness is a matter of simplicity and respect. Respect for cattle and simplicity of the production process. Milk is transported to the dairy immediately after milking and it undergoes just one pasteurization process, preserving freshness and wholesomeness intact.

Fresh Milk

Milked yesterday, drunk today

When milk still tastes of milk. Chiuro Dairy fresh whole milk is sourced only within the province of Sondrio. It is so wholesome you will notice a slight difference in taste from summer to winter, due to the change in cattle nutrition. Milk certification and traceability from breeding to end client delivery is a guarantee for the consumer.

Product description



Nutritional information


278 kJ / 67 kcal


3,8 g (saturated: 2,6 g)


4,7 g (sugars: 4,7 g)


3,4 g


0,17 g

Fresh cheeses

Fresh cheeses of Chiuro Dairy are famous and appreciated both in Italy and abroad. They include some of the most important cheeses of the dairy tradition of Italy and Valtellina: Robiola, Crescenza, Ricotta and Scimudin. They are called “fresh” because they are not subject to an aging process. The texture of fresh cheeses is soft, sometimes creamy and their taste is reminiscent of fresh milk and mountain herbs.