The Products

Nectars and Jams

These fruit delights are produced in Valtellina by the Social Cooperative "il Sentiero", for years alongside Chiuro Dairy with its organic artisanal products. It is now possible to enjoy them on their own, create imaginative recipes, or savour them with bread, sweets or cheese. Each package contains fruit from organic farming only. These masterpieces of taste and health reach your table just after a brief artisanal processing.

Alpiyo Extra Jam


When savouring the yogurt produced in the Chiuro Dairy, the greatest pleasure is to dive the spoon in its soft creaminess and discover the delicious jams on the bottom of the jar. These fruit delights originate in Valtellina and are produced by the Social Cooperative “il Sentiero”, our long-standing partner with its artisanal organic products. It is now possible to enjoy the jams also on their own, spread on bread, in sweets or on cheeses.

Product description


citric acid, fruit pectin, organic cane sugar, organically grown blueberries 65%


230 g

Nutritional information


781 kJ / 186 kcal


0,12 g (saturated: 0 g)


48,0 g (sugars: 48,0 g)


0,55 g


0,04 g

Salads and Eggs

Light, fast to prepare, colourful, delicious and flavoursome: these are the salads by Chiuro Dairy. Fresh vegetables to pair with our best products. Besides them we have fresh eggs from cage-free hens, all of which undergo strict quality controls.