The Products

Salads and Eggs

Light, fast to prepare, colourful, delicious and flavoursome: these are the salads by Chiuro Dairy. Fresh vegetables to pair with our best products. Besides them we have fresh eggs from cage-free hens, all of which undergo strict quality controls.

Fresh Eggs

From cage-free hens

Chiuro Dairy eggs are synonymous with freshness. They come from cage-free hens. Animal growth and welfare are the result of a slow-paced environment and healthy nourishment. We are very committed to consumer health and we constantly carry out accurate sanitary inspections to protect it. Thanks to all this we obtain eggs with a delicate flavour, perfect for simple recipes or rich dishes.

Product description



Nutritional information


588 kJ / 142 kcal


10,0 g (saturated: 0 g)


0,8 g (sugars: 0 g)


12,0 g

Nectars and Jams

These fruit delights are produced in Valtellina by the Social Cooperative "il Sentiero", for years alongside Chiuro Dairy with its organic artisanal products. It is now possible to enjoy them on their own, create imaginative recipes, or savour them with bread, sweets or cheese.