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Alpiyò Yogurt

Creamy and rich in natural flavours, the Alpyò Valtellina yogurt comes in a range of exclusive flavours. Combined with delicious extra fruit jams, it is ideal for those who love genuine tastes and do not intend to give up the pleasure of good food made according to tradition.

Alpiyò Valtellina

The yogurt of Chiuro Dairy originates in Valtellina, in the heart of the Alps, a magical place where the pristine air smells fragrant. The production of our yogurt is based on simple concepts: animal wellbeing, environmental respect and innovation. The milk comes from out sheds, from native cattle breeds suited to alpine pastures, producing a milk high in protein content, making our yogurt is so specially creamy. By respecting the natural times of milk acidifi cation, we manage to produce a particularly delicate yogurt. When combined to the fruit jams made by the Social Cooperative “il Sentiero”, who integrates disadvantaged people in its workforce, this yogurt becomes a delicious and healthy treat. It is good also because the fruit comes in part from small agricultural parcels, which would otherwise be abandoned.


Chiuro Yogurt

Chiuro Dairy yogurt is made with milk from Valtellina, a magical place in the heart of the Alps where the fresh and unpolluted air smells of good things. With the addition of only selected live lactose cultures, combined with exquisite fruit jams, this yogurt is a natural product rich in calcium and protein, good for your health.