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Aged Cheeses

The best cheeses from Valtellina inspired by tradition, with Protected Designation of Origin status: Bitto PDO and Valtellina Casera PDO. Besides them we have Valfontana, Chiuro and the timeless classic Latteria. Our experienced cheese makers hand down from generation to generation the processing and aging techniques used to produce these masterpieces. Their taste becomes more intense with age, and can be enhanced when paired with the fine DOCG (controlled and warranted designations of origin )red wines from Valtellina.

Bitto PDO

The Bitto PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) is a cheese of great tradition with a deep connection to the mountains of Valtellina. It is produced during the summer in mountain pastures, where the cattle feed on fresh grass. For thousands of years the dairymen have been passing on the technique to produce Bitto, whose name “Bitu” means perennial, and refers to its great predisposition to age. It is produced with whole cream cow’s milk and sometimes an addition of goat’s milk, which gives it its special aroma, and is processed right after the milking. The cheese is dry salted to ensure better maturation. At the end of the summer the aging process is moved to the “casera”, the cellar. Bitto tastes extraordinary, and when aged up to one year or more it becomes one rare “meditation cheese” like few others in the world.

Product description


cow's milk, goat's milk, rennet, salt


11 Kg ± 10%



Nutritional information


1737 kJ / 419 kcal


35,4 g (saturated: 22,5 g)


0,5 g (sugars: 0,1 g)


24,0 g


1,5 g

Fresh Cheeses

Fresh cheeses of Chiuro Dairy are famous and appreciated both in Italy and abroad. They include some of the most important cheeses of the dairy tradition of Italy and Valtellina: Robiola, Crescenza, Ricotta and Scimudin. They are called “fresh” because they are not subject to an aging process. The texture of fresh cheeses is soft, sometimes creamy and their taste is reminiscent of fresh milk and mountain herbs.