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Organic products

When we create Organic products we give continuity to a lifestyle typical of our Valtellina tradition. A lifestyle of respect for nature and mountain, animals and ourselves. A lifestyle that looks to the past to ensure the future. Milk used to produce our Bio line comes exclusively from certified farms in the Province of Sondrio.

Valtellina Casera PDO Bio

Aged 300 days

Valtellina Casera PDO Bio, a cheese with a centuries-old cheese-making tradition. When matured for over 300 days, it is infused with intense aromas and fl avours reminiscent of the fresh air of mountain pastures and its paste becomes yellow, crumbly and consistent. It is the best of the Valtellina Casera production, a selected product cured day after day for an entire year, thanks to the affi neur’s care and extensive experience. The Casera was once produced during the winter, when the cattle rested in the sheds after being back from the pastures. It is now produced all year long. Its name originates from “casera”, the cellar where cheeses are aged on wooden boards.

Product description

*Milk: collected and processed in Italy


6,5 Kg ± 10%



Nutritional information


1693 kJ / 407 kcal


34,0 g (saturated: 23,0 g)


2,0 g (sugars: 1,0 g)


30,0 g


1,5 g

Morbidi e profumati

I formaggi freschi della Latteria

I formaggi freschi da latte intero, biologico o di capra della Latteria di Chiuro. Il loro profumo ricorda i fiori di montagna. Rispettano e valorizzano la Valtellina, terra con la quale hanno un profondo legame e dalla quale proviene il latte con cui sono prodotti.